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本文摘要:一、Courtesy English 礼貌用语(1)Good morning (afternoon, evening), sir (madam)早上(下午、晚上)好,先生(夫人)。(2)How do you do?您好!(初次晤面)Glad to meet you.很兴奋见到你!(3)Welcome to our hotel(restaurant, shop)接待到我们旅店(餐厅,商场)来。


一、Courtesy English 礼貌用语(1)Good morning (afternoon, evening), sir (madam)早上(下午、晚上)好,先生(夫人)。(2)How do you do?您好!(初次晤面)Glad to meet you.很兴奋见到你!(3)Welcome to our hotel(restaurant, shop)接待到我们旅店(餐厅,商场)来。(4)I hope you will enjoy your stay with us.希望您在我们旅店过得愉快(客人刚入店时)I hope you are enjoying your stay with us.希望你在我们旅店过得愉快(客人在饭馆停留期)I hope you are enjoyed your stay with us.希望你在我们旅店过得愉快(客人离店时)(5)Good morning, Coffee shop/Chinese restaurant.May I help you?早上好,咖啡厅/中餐厅,我能为您做点什么?(6)Sorry, He is not in at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?对不起,他现在不在,您要留口讯吗?(7)Pardon? I beg your pardon?对不起,请再说一遍好吗?(8)Thank you for your advice (Information help).谢谢您的忠告(信息 资助)(9)I am at your service.乐意为您效劳。

(10)Sorry to have kept you waiting.对不起,让您久等了。(11)Is there anything I can for you?有什么能为您效劳?(12)It’s on the second (third) floor.在二(三)楼。(13)Excuse me. Where is the washroom (restroom, elevator)? This way, please.对不起,请问洗手间(电梯)在哪儿?请这边走。

(14)Turn left/right.往右/右转。(15)It’s in the basement at the end of the corridor.在地下室走廊止境。(16)Please don’t leave anything behind.请别遗忘您的工具。(17)Take it easy.放心好了。

(18)Please don’t smoke here.请不要在这里吸烟。(19)Goodbye and hope to see you again.再见,希望再见到您。(20)Have a nice trip! / Wish you a pleasant journey! Good luck!一路平安!/ 祝您旅途愉快!(21)Go straight.一直向前走。二.English for F&B Department餐饮英语(1)Sit down, please. Here is menu. May I take your order? /Are you readyto order, sir?请坐,给您菜单,先生,您要点菜么?(2)What would you like to have,coffee or tea?您要咖啡还是茶?(3)Would you like to have some wine with your dinner?您用餐的时候要喝点酒吗?(4)Service hours are: 6:00a.m. To 10:00a.m. For breakfast, 11:30a.m.to12:00p.m. for lunch, 5:30p.m.to 9:30p.m.dor dinner.餐厅供应时间是:早餐6点半到10点,午餐11点半到下午2点,晚餐5点半到9点半。

(5)Here is the bill. Please sign it.这是您的账单,请签字。(6)Will this table be all right?这个座位好吗?(7)Would you like to start with a glass of beer?先喝一杯啤酒好吗?(8)Here are the menus and wine list.这是菜单和酒水单。(9)What vegetable would you like with your fish?吃鱼时您想配点什么蔬菜呢?(10)How do you like Chinese food?您喜欢中国菜吗?(11)What do you think of our service?您对我们的服务有什么意见?(12)How would you like your steak cooked? Rare Medium, or well done?牛排怎么做?三分熟,半熟还是熟透?(13)I’m afraid it’s against the hotel’s regulations .这是违反饭馆的规章制度。

(14)In our hotel we don’t accept tips . It’s our pleasure to serve our guests well. Thank you all the same.我们饭馆是不收小费的,我们为客人服务好感应兴奋,还是要谢谢您。(15)We’ll give you a 10%(tent percent) discount after 8p.m. o’clock.晚上8点以后,我们给您九折优惠。

(16)We’ll after tour guides complimentary breakfasts.我们给陪同提供免费午餐。(17)I’d like to reserve a table for four for this evening at 8我想预定一张今晚8点四人的餐位。(18)I’m afraid you’ll have to pay for the damage.你必须赔偿。

(19)Thank you for telling us about it .I’ll look into the matter right away.谢谢您告诉我们。我马上去处置惩罚这事。(20)I assure you it won’t happen again.我保证此类事不在发生。


(21)I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll try my best.我不能保证,但我会努力而为。(22)Have you made a reservation?/Do you have a reservation?您预定过了吗?(23)How many people are there in your party?/For how many people?你们一共有几位?(24)I’d like to reserve a table by the window.我想预定一下靠窗的餐位。

(25)How about a table in the corner of the restaurant ?餐厅角落的餐位好吗?(26)We are open until 12:00p.m,but our last order for dinner is at 11:00p.m.我们一直营业到晚上12点,但晚餐点菜的停止时间是11点。(27)I’m sorry ,sir , the restaurant is full now/today .对不起,先生,现在/今天我们的预定已满。(28)Please sit at the same table for each meal.请你们每一顿饭坐在同一个餐位上。(29)Since you are group guests ,we’ve arranged a set menu for you .If you want to have extra food; you should also pay extra for it.因为您们团体客人,我们已替你们摆设了套菜,如果你们想另外加菜的话,你们得另付用度。

(30)I’m sorry, we’re filled up right now, but do you mind waiting for a while.对不起,这会儿都挤满了.可是您能不能等一会儿.(31)We will have you seated as soon as possible.一有空,我们马上给您摆设位置.(32)Would you like smoking area or no-smoking area?你喜欢吸烟区还是非吸烟区?(33)I’m sorry; sir .The table has been reserved. There is a sign on it.对不起,先生.这张桌子已经有人预定了.上面有个标签.(34)Your dining coupons only include soft drinks. I’m afraid you have to Pay extra for it.您的餐券只包罗软饮料,我想如果您能要这个的话得分外付费.(35)What would you like tofollow?您下一道点什么呢?(这也是请客点菜的套话?)(36)We serve soybean milk or rice gruel instead of coffee and juice.我们供应豆乳或白米粥来取代咖啡和果汁.(37)Please wait for a moment. I’ll bring it for you right away.请稍等一小下,菜马上就上来.(38)What kind of food (rink, juice, dessert) would you like?请问您要哪种食品/饮料/甜品?(39)Today’s special is. ……(What’s tonight's special)?今天的特色菜是……(今晚有什么风味菜?)(40)Everything is a la carte所有工具都是可以零点的(自己点的)(41)Can you give me some slices of lemon for my black tea?能在我的红茶里挤一些柠檬汁吗?(42)It’s prepared in truant of you.这个菜是当着您的面做的.(43)Would you like to try Mao Tai—the best Chinese spirits?您想品尝一下中国最好的酒—茅台酒吗?(44)Don’t go easy on salt.别放太咸了(45)Would you like to have your soup right now or later?您要的汤是现在上还是待会上?(46)Here’s your Beggar’s Chicken. (Here are your matches.)您的叫化鸡来了.(这是您要的洋火.)(47)That’s all for your dishes .If you want anything else,justcall me. Please enjoy yourself.您的菜上齐了,如果您还要什么,请叫我,祝您就餐愉快.(48)I’m sorry, madam. Once the dish is ordered and served,it can’t be exchanged.夫人,对不起,点的菜送上桌是不能换的.(49)The dish is very hot, please be careful, sir.先生,这道菜很烫,吃时请当心.(50)This food is best eaten while hot. Please enjoy your meat.这道菜最好趁热吃,请慢用.(51)I’m really sorry, but I seem to have mis-served a dish.真对不起,我似乎上错了一个菜.(52)How do you like the fish cooked this way?您以为鱼这样烧怎么样?(53)Do you think the soup is tasty?您认为这个汤适口吗?(54)When will you pick it up?您要什么时候来取?(55)The buffet is over there; you can choose what you like.自助餐在那里, 您可以任意选择.(56)Is everything to your satisfaction?一切都满足吗 ?(57)Would you like Continental breakfast or American breakfast?您要欧式早餐还是美式早餐?(58)How would you like your eggs, fried or boiled?您喜欢鸡蛋怎样烧,煎蛋还是煮蛋?(59)What flavor would you like?您要什么口胃?(60)Our buffet serves rich Chinese and western food and also various kinds of salads cake and fruit.自助餐厅食物富厚, 有中式食品,西式食品,另有各式色拉,糕点和水果.(61)Shall I charge this to your room?我可以把用度挂在您的帐上吗?(62)With or without ice. Please, sir?先生,请问您是加冰还是不要冰?(63)It’s on me.由我来付/我请客.(64)That would be on the house.由本店免费招待.(65)How many would you like? Just one portion.您要几多份?只要一份.(66)Would you care to have one check or separate checks?账单开在一起还是离开?(67)Would you like to sign your bill now?现在签一下账单好吗?(68)Here’s your change and receipt.这是您的找钱和收据.(69)I’m afraid lamb chop is out of stock.恐怕羊排已经售完了.(70)We offer vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Mecca. Taro, peanuts, Peppermint, rum & raisin ice cream.我们有香草,巧克力, 草莓, 咖啡, 香芋, 花生, 薄荷,朗姆提子冰淇淋.(71)How would you like it done?您愿意这个怎么烧?(72)Please take care of your purse.请照看好您的提包(钱包).(73)May I know your name and your room number?我可以知道您的名字和房号吗?(74)I’m sorry, sir. It’s only for bottle sale.对不起,先生.这只能是整瓶出售.(75)Sorry, There is something wrong with the date,will you please Change another one for me?对不起,日期搞错了,能不能换另外一张给我?(76)Will you do me a favor?能帮我个忙吗?(77)Water melon & carrot juice are fresh made,the others are bottle Packaged.西瓜汁和胡萝卜汁是鲜榨的,其他是瓶装的.(78)We offer soft roll, hard roll, Danish pastry,croissant, French bread, muffin and toast.我们供应软包, 硬包, 丹麦包, 牛角包, 法式面包, 提子包, 松饼和吐司.(79)I am sorry, sir,---is sold out ,would you like to have a look at the menu again?对不起, 先生,---已经卖完了,您想再看一下菜单吗?(80)We offer chocolate mousse, strawberry mousse, cheese, fruit, walnut, cream cake and apple pie.我们供应巧克力毛士, 草莓毛士, 芝士, 水果, 核桃, 鲜奶蛋糕和苹果派.点击相识更多,免费领取:① . 价值188元西欧外教课 × 1节② . 听说读写全方位测评 × 1次③ . 英语水平专业陈诉 × 1份④ . 最新英语学习资料包 × 1份⑤ . 新人首次领课红包 × 1份。





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